Concert Bands

Atlantic High School concert bands are open to students in grades 9-12. The program consists of three bands: Beginning Band, Symphonic Band, and Wind Ensemble. Placement is based on ability and is determined by the director from an audition. Students in concert bands should expect after school rehearsals in order to prepare for concert festivals and local performances. Each concert band also performs a winter and spring concert.

Beginning Band

Beginning band is for those students with little or no experience, but are willing to work and learn to play an instrument. Beginning band students can also participate in Marching Band.

Symphonic Band
Symphonic band is the intermediate band. Students in this band have begun to master their instruments and to understand complex musical themes.

Wind Ensemble
Wind Ensemble is the premier concert band.Students in this program have reached a level of mastery on their instrument and are capable of understanding complex musical themes. Students in this band are also required to participate in the Solo and Ensemble festival.

2014 Audition Music

The music for audition and placement is available below.