Football Program Ads

2015-2016 Football Program Ad Campaign

Sponsorships and fundraisers help maintain a robust music program. Students are responsible for raising a large percentage of the expenses related to the Atlantic Community High School Band.  Selling these ads will help students raise funds to cover their fair share. We are selling these ads along with the Atlantic Community High School Football team.

Sales pitch example: “My name is Justin.  I am a member of the Atlantic Community High School Band and I play percussion.  Students are responsible for paying what we call a “fair share” and we are given the opportunity to do so through fundraising.  One of these fundraisers is selling Football Program Advertisements.  Purchasing an ad will help me raise funds to cover my fair share.  This will also benefit your company as all of our football fans, local residents, will read about your company while you generously support an important tradition.  (show the customer the football program) Would you be interested in purchasing an ad for our program? You may also make a donation. All purchases and donations are tax deductible.”

Once the ad is secured, please fill out the order form.  See below:

  1. Advertiser fills in paper form
  2. Student name/advertiser must be included on each check
  3. Each cash/check payment and order form for each ad must be submitted in an envelope with student name/advertiser on envelope
  4. OR mail form and check to Mr. William Bowman-student name/advertiser must be included on each check

Please contact Mary Wilkey with questions at

The letter and order form can be downloaded or printed from the link below below:


2016 Football Ad Order Form
2016 Football Ad Order Form
ACHS 2016 Ad Form and Letter Band REVISED.pdf
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Previously Placed Ads

Students who have secured ads in previous years have the rights to the same ads. However, the ad must be secured before July 1st. After that date the business is open season for any student. After that date, this list will contain all ads that have been placed. To help everyone know what ads are owned by what student, please review the list in the link below:


2016 Current Football Program Ads
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