The school district does not provide nearly enough funding to run the band program at Atlantic High School. Each student in the band program is assessed a “fair share” of the cost or running the program based on program participation. Each  student is responsible for raising their fair share during the year.

To help students meet their fair share obligation, the booster organization conducts fundraising activities throughout the year. There are two types of fundraisers, individual and general.

Individual fundraisers directly affect a student’s band account and are applied to their fair share obligation. These fundraisers are performance based in that the amount credited is directly proportional to the amount raised by the student. Unfortunately, each fundraiser also has a cost, therefore the amount credited is usually only a percentage of the amount raised. That percentage is usually announced at the begging of each program.

General fundraisers are for the general band fund. Generally with these programs it is difficult to track individual performance or they are run as general fundraisers for other reasons.While general fundraisers do not directly affect a student’s fair share obligation, when there is more money in the general fund, the fair share can be kept lower.

Active fundraisers are generally listed on the Current Fundraising page,