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Welcome to ACHS War Eagle Band

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The cheesecake fundraiser is upon us. You only have until 10/2 to place your orders. Cheesecakes will be delivered to the school the week of 10/26. This is a wonderful opportunity to increase the funds in your fair share account. This can help cover your fair share amount and anything left over can be applied toward a field trip if we take one this year (and we want to take one). More information can be found here.

ACHS 2015-2016 Marching Schedule

The 2015 fall marching schedule is now available. Please click here to see the schedule and signup to voluteer.


The school district has started a new registration policy for volunteer registration, and it is MUCH easier than in past years. Simply go to the main office and give your drivers license to the receptionist and tell her you are registering to be a volunteer. They will scan it, and that is it! If there is a problem, you will hear about it, but otherwise you are registered. To volunteer for band events, you must sign up by Tuesday evening before the event. We will give the full list of volunteers to the office. The office will then print volunteer badges for everyone. It’s that easy now


Students will be asked by section leaders to attend sectionals. Sectionals during the summer are often not school supervised,
so attendance is at parent discretion. Once school begins, section leaders will host mandatory sectionals up to
twice a month at Atlantic High School.

Sign up to Receive Important Updates via Text with Remind 

The booster organization utilizes a text blasting service, Remind, to send out text message updates. This service will not be used for general communications, but rather important updates. An example is the expected arrival time at the band room on the way back from an away game, , inclement weather, last-minute schedule changes.

This is an “opt-in” service that requires you to follow a few simple steps to register your cell phone number to receive these messages NOTE: Text message fees may apply. Check your carrier plan for more information about text message charges.

The boosters cannot add you, you must do it yourself. Sign up in one of three ways:

  • Use this link: https://www.remind.com/join/achsmu
  • Send a text message @achsmu to 81010
  • Email to: achsmu@mail.remind.com, no subject, no content required in body of email